Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory

Our Lab

Exploring the Connection between the Human Brain and Mind

The Cognitive Neurophysiology Lab (CNL) is based on the premise of opening up brain surgery to the most fundamental quest of neuroscience: the relation between the human brain and the human mind. CNL is therefore centered on the extraordinary opportunities offered by neurosurgery to directly study this problem. From direct recording and stimulation of the brain during awake neurosurgical procedures to the monitoring of patients implanted with intracranial electrodes we are able to obtain data from patients who can declare their thoughts, wishes, memories and emotions. Using electrodes originally designed at UCLA (Behnke-Fried electrodes) we are able to record single neuron activity and local field potentials at various brain sites. Furthermore, using modification of these electrodes we are able to provide small amounts of electrical stimulation with the goal of ameliorating memory dysfuction.

Advancing Memory Research and Neuroengineering

Extensive research is underway at CNL to develop stimulation protocols for neuromodulation—including modulation of human memory. Based on our initial paper in the New England Journal of Medicine (Suthana et al. 2012), we are further exploring the role of entorhinal (Titiz et al. eLife 2017; Mankin et al. Brain Stimulation 2021) and frontal cortex (Geva-Sagiv et al. Nature Neuroscience 2023) stimulation to aid memory encoding, consolidation, and retrieval. In collaboration with neuroengineering colleagues at UCLA we are working to develop memory prosthetics for the human brain that could be used to assist neurological patients with memory impairments.