Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory


Emily Mankin, Ph.D

Emily Mankin, PhD, is a Project Scientist whose interests lie in understanding the neural mechanisms of memory formation and consolidation, as well as developing methods for enhancing these processes. Specifically, she uses both non-invasive (auditory cues) and invasive (deep brain stimulation) methods to encourage encoding, consolidation, and retrieval during memory tasks and sleep. She is interested in both the basic science implications of these manipulations and their potential for therapeutic use for the growing number of people who are impacted by memory disorders. Before joining CNL as a postdoc she worked as a teacher and a mathematician before completing her PhD in Computational Neuroscience at UCSD under Drs. Stefan and Jill Leutgeb. When not in the lab, Dr. Mankin spends her time soaking up early childhood memories with her two young daughters and is delighted they are getting old enough to join her in her love of reading and all things arts and crafts.