Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory


James Bruska

James Bruska is a Lead Software Engineer contracting with the Fried Lab through his company Bruska Technologies LLC ( After having worked in computer security and chemical technologies, he fell in love with psychology/neuroscience (especially positive psychology and memory). He first worked in Dr. Michael J Kahana’s lab for two years and then branched out on his own by starting his own company. Now he provides support for multiple psychology labs, chief among them being Dr. Itzhak Fried’s lab. He currently is focused on developing the closed-loop stimulation system for the Fried lab. However, he also leads or helps with developing 2D and 3D experiment code, implementing lab infrastructure, optimizing analysis code, training other lab members to write efficient/readable code, and even helps with hiring new programmers for the lab. He hopes to continue doing this for a long time as each new project helps another lab contribute an exciting discovery to the field. His other pastimes include music, snowboarding, rock climbing, capoeira, eating, sleeping, and programming for fun.