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Updated on May 31, 2024

Coordinating Informed Consent Meeting

  1. Schedule consent meeting (contact Gabbie Angeles) on same day as pre-op MRI appt (1.5 hr buffer before start of appt, 1.5 buffer after start of appt)
  2. Reserve room for consent meeting for 1.5 hr min. at Wasserman 4th floor library (contact Myrna Gonzalez) or 2145 300MP (contact Denise Babin)


Before Pre-op MRI

  1. Verify all official ICFs are up to date with active IRB protocols
  2. Print consent packet 

LabManager/ Forms/Consent Forms/ PRINT_Complete_Consent_Packet_5July2023

  1. Review Consent Form Checklist

LabManager/ Forms/Consent Forms/ Consent Form Checklist_5July2023



  1. MRI scans will be performed at 300MP or RRUMC 
  2. At scanners, verify the following (see MRI Protocol):
    • “Depth Electrode Protocol” scan was ordered
    • all sequences, durations, and parameters are correct


Informed Consent Meeting

  1. Investigator will discuss research studies, answer questions, and obtain verbal and written consent from patient
  2. Complete Consent TV survey 
  3. Complete Patient Questionnaire
  4. Print copies of signed forms for patient to take home, Dr. Staba, and the lab
  5. Upload consent packet with signed ICFs to Long-term storage

LabManager/ Subject Data/ Signed Consent 

  1. Upload TV survey and patient questionnaire to Box for Screening preparation and notify undergrad volunteers