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Docs: VNC Remote Desktop Setup

Updated on May 31, 2024

The VNC and remote desktop info for common computers in the lab:

  1. Experimental computer: 
    1. Download VNC Viewer: 
    2. Sign in info: 
      1. Email –
      2. Password for email – cnlcnlmac3  (had to be more than 8 characters 🙁 )
      3. Password for laptop – cnlmac3
  2. NLX: 
    1. To connect to NLX via VNC Viewer look under CNL Team -> NLX Pegasus
    2. Password for NLX connection is “pegasus”
  3. Emily’s old Desktop (currently used for data processing → new lab manager system)
    1. VNC: Listed under CNL Team’s devices, CNL iMac
    2. Password to connect via VNC: FriedLab2020
    3. Password to connect as CNL_LabUser: RRUMC_emu6311


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