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Docs: Setting permissions on Hoffman to share data

Updated on July 17, 2023

Open terminal (or other command window software)
>> ssh

enter password
>> cd /u/project/ifried/data/PIPELINE_vc
>> chmod –R 770 *
>> chmod –R 770 *



‘chmod’ means “change permissions”
‘-R’ means do it recursively into all subdirectories
‘770’ means set permissions to read, write, and execute for yourself and everyone in the ifried group, and no one else.
‘*’ means set it for all files in the directory (and subdirectories, if you used –R)

You could also just run this from the data folder instead of running it once from PIPELINE_vc and once from PATIENT_DATABASE. It will take longer, but doesn’t require any intermediate attention (once you run chmod once, you can leave and it will change all your permissions). Also, if you are logged in as if_xfer, you should NOT do that. Run as described above.