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Docs: Getting PTSA working on Hoffman

Updated on October 13, 2023

PTSA is a set of helper functions using xarray developed at the CML at UPenn: An more widely-used alternative is MNE.

Getting PTSA to work on Hoffman was a bit of a chore. Install the following env from the this yml using Anaconda and you should be able to load data using this ipynb as a check.

To get this env created I had to use the following steps, but you shouldn’t have to if you install that yml.

conda install -y numpy scipy xarray swig traits
conda install -y -c pennmem fftw
module load compiler/gnu/9.1
module load gcc/11.3.0
install -c pennmem -c conda-forge ptsa
install -c conda-forge libstdcxx-ng=12