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Docs: Setting up drive mounting (including Hoffman)

Updated on May 17, 2024

(a) Download Xcode from the app store

(b) Download SSHFS and MacFuse from It’s likely SSHFS is already installed on your Mac.

(c) In your home folder, create an empty folder called “Hoffman_Mount” or something of the sort

(d) also create a file called The text of the file should be:

diskutil unmountDisk force /Users/PATH_TO_”Hoffman_Mount”

echo “Mounting Hoffman_Mount”

sshfs /Users/cnl/Hoffman_Mount -o allow_other,defer_permissions,volname=Hoffman_Mount

(e) To actually mount hoffman, open the terminal app and enter the pull path of the shell script, e.g.:  /Users/cnl/Documents/mount_hoffman

Note, you might need to chmod 777 /Users/cnl/Documents/mount_hoffman to allow MacOS to open the shell script.